Game "Shot Shootout"

'Get off your horse and drink your tequila!'

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'Get off your horse and drink your tequila!' OK, so that wasn't quite what John Wayne said, but we like this version better! Mixing your childhood games of cowboys and indians, and mixing it with your favourite adult past-time, a healthy dose of alcohol, Shot Shootout introduces the ultimate drinking game!

The barman moves from side to side at the Shot Shootout Saloon, and as soon as he stops moving it's up to you, the lone gunman, to put your sharp shooting skills to practice! Luckily your six-shooter is only loaded with infra-red sight, so when your round is over, the barman is unharmed and can continue to serve drinks! The barman will stop a total of 9 times during your round, each time filling up your shot glass a little bit more!

Shot Shootout Saloon: H 295mm W 228mm D 128mm
Gun: H 135mm L 240mm D 32mm

There are 2 game modes for you to get your tipsy head round:
Game 1: When the barman stops you must shoot him to stop him pouring drink. If you miss all 9 shooting attempts, the maximum volume to drink is approx 36ml.

Game 2: Turning the game around, in this mode you control how much the barman pours. You have 9 shots of the infra-red gun, and with each hit the barman pours a little more drink.
You can choose how to organise the game; is the winner the person who gets the most drink, or the person who is the most sober at the end of the night? Do you take the shot, or do you give it to your opponent?