Foldable shoes 'Black Weave´

A pair of Tipsyfeet can make that trip a lot more comfortable.

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Tipsyfeet has become a very popular brand since their early featuring on the BBC's Dragons Den. The Tipsyfeet shoes are a pair of foldable after party pumps with an unique patented pouch. The shoes and pouches are manufactured to a strict quality standard in order to give the client complete confidence in a superior product.

Tipsyfeet are small enough to fit into your handbag but also useful for carrying your heels and other bits and bobs at the end of the day. Especially useful for those tired feet after a night partying but also for the workplace where you need those smart heels for meetings etc. but need a more comfortable pair of pumps for around the office. Also driving in heels can be really dangerous, so why not keep a pair of Tipsyfeet in the glove box to change into when driving.

You want to look smart when you travel but it can be murder in those designer heels. A pair of Tipsyfeet can make every trip a lot more comfortable and save your heels from getting scuffed. So girls, save your soles!

  • Each pair of Foldable Tipsyfeet Shoes come in our unique colour matched pouch which is made of the same material as the shoe upper. The shoes have a PU Leather upper and a TPR sole. The shoe linings are Satin and the pouch lining is Polyester.
  • We would urge you to beware of counterfeit Tipsyfeet goods which are of a much cheaper standard and inferior quality.
  • The shoe sole length;
  • Size small = 24 cm
  • Size medium = 25,5 cm
  • Size large = 27 cm
  • Size x-large = 28 cm.